Sudharshan Spices

Sudharshan Spices are kept in the purest form. No additional flavor or color are added to the spices and spices are kept in favourble environment to keep their original taste and flavours.

Sudharshan Herbal Tea

Sudharshan herbal tea is one of it’s kind. It does not only taste good but also very good for health.
Sudharshan herbal has many ayurvedic such as tulsi, ashwagandha, mulethi, ginger and cardamom etc.
Sudharshan herbal tea helps to enhance immunity.

Sudharshan Dryfruit

Sudharshan dry fruit are made from best quality and hand picked fruits and are dried in hygiene environment with latest machinery.
Sudharshan dry fruits are made using special technology to make sure that fruit does not lose it’s original taste and smell.

Sudharshan Cookies & Namkeen

Sudharshan Cookies and Namkeen are made from tasty sudharshan spices.
And the reason why they taste so good it because sudharshan spices are processed with care and are not muggled with flavours and we make sure that their original taste stays with them.

Sudharshan Pulses & Cereals

Sudharshan pulses and cereals are processed and packed with quality and hygiene in mind.
Sudharshan pulses and cereals are over the top quality and taste that will bring water in mouth for sure.
With sudharshan pulses and cereals quality is never compromised.

Sudharshan Sabut Masale

Sudharshan Sabut Masale are processed with high quality machinery and are kept in hygiene environment and also packed in the same to make sure that the original taste and smell is still intact.

Kitchenware Products

Real Life products are made from high quality plastic material that are food grade meaning you don’t have to worry about your health and you can enjoy your tasty meal in Real Life plastic containers and boxes.